• February 09, 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • My Photo Studio


Great light surrounds you. The subject is perfect. The moment is right. Your mind tingles with anticipation. Click! … dark. Click! … too light. Click! …still too light. Click! …why is this too dark now? I just changed everything. @#%&!!!! And the moment is gone forever.

Your camera is just a dumb box… OK, maybe an expensive dumb box that is useless without fully understanding the inverse relationship of the three exposure controls along with proper metering. Yes, you read that right. M E T E R I N G. You know, the little lights that flicker back and forth inside the viewfinder along some scale you don’t remember. The internal camera guide that is never right. Yeah, the one you don’t really use cause “I’m a pro and we only shoot in manual.”


Let Robert help you XPerience Exposure through the right use of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, while understanding what the meter is really telling you. Learn the camera meter’s sole purpose in life, as well as it’s handheld twin with it’s own unique functions.


Join us for this fun, casual and information packed program. Bring your enthusiasm, questions, and favorite dance moves. Skeptics and hecklers encouraged to attend with special seating in back of room. Fruit may be provided.


PS: for the “professionals” that only shoot in manual mode… Why do professional cameras have program, aperture priority and shutter priority modes? Please sign the petition in the back of the room to demand a refund from camera manufacturers for superfluous (aka useless) controls on our professional cameras.



About the Speaker

Robert is self professed “time traveller” and “available” light photographer. Experienced in all aspects of the craft, from large format cameras to 70mm motion picture film processing, there is lots of information stored inside his head just waiting to bubble out. And once it’s flowing, stand back ‘cause something is going to power your light bulb! Robert is easily approachable, enjoys hugs and always willing to answer any questions on practically any subject.


Combining real world stories, extensive photographic processes and spiced with some humor, Robert works to create a fun atmosphere where learning and building confidence dance together. His experiences as a USAF Photojournalist coupled with worldwide travels and interactions with diverse cultures provide Robert with unique abilities to reach and teach anyone at any level.


Specializing in weddings, bridal fashion and commercial advertising, Robert’s life experiences assists his awareness of light play while his “off the cuff” humor relaxes clients during their unique sessions. He constantly strives to balance light, shadow, focus and color into images that magically transports the viewer to the emotion of the moment.


Robert is the co-host for FotoFacts Podcast, a casual iTunes audio show highlighting photo education, industry leaders and charities. He is the organizer of the ever popular Worldwide PhotoWalk for Oklahoma City, six years in the making. Attendance is over 100 photographers and families enjoying social time and practicing photo skills with talented models staged placed along the route.


Happily sharing life’s beautiful Instagrams with the light sources in his life, a fabulously talented photographer wife Terri and amazing daughters Amber, Georgia and Shannon.


Website: http://www.trawickimages.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trawickimages

Instagram: https://instagram.com/trawickimages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.trawick

Workshops: http://www.speedlightingworkshops.com

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