How to Increase Profitability through In Person Sales (Using Projection and ProSelect) - Kathy Norwood

  • May 10, 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • My Photo Studio - 7902 E. 50TH STREET SOUTH (FONTANA CENTER) TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74145

In person sales are a key part of the overall client experience, and also to achieving consistent high sales year after year in order to grow your business. When your clients hire you, they are not only investing in your artistic style of photography, they are also invention in you professional expertise and guidance through every part of the process.

This seems so obvious right? Yet many photographers struggle with trying to "sell" to their clients or feel that they have to "convince" them to buy products. Most clients have no idea how to correctly display photography, or what many of the options are and how the finished product(s) will look. You are the expert, and your clients are looking to you for your help to guide them through the process in selecting the best way to display their images. They want your artistic and professional input on which images work best together with which products.

This program will help you see the value of in person sales, help you learn to guide your client through the order process, develop the skills to overcome objections and earn your client's trust as their professional photographer.  

Speaker Bio:

The Person

Graduated from The University of West Florida (Go you Sneaky Snails)

3 adult children, 4 beautiful grandchildren and 1 awesome husband

Doesn't like to cook but will handwash dishes all day long

Inherited a Boston Terrier named Bruce Wayne (AKA Bat Man)

Loves Country & Western Music, Alternative and Classic Rock

Favorite Adult Beverage-Sangria or a Pina Coloda

(depending on the latitude)

The Professional

Been an Active Member of Professional Photographers of America since 2007

Texas Professional Photographers Association

Served as Board President, Vice President, Secretary, and Director of Publications of Brazos Valley PPA

Recived her CPP in 2010

And was awarded the Photographer of the Year Award in 2011 from BVPPA

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