The Art of Post Processing - Dwaine Horton

  • June 25, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • My Photo Studio
  • 13


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A short part of the program by Dwaine Horton will cover Lightroom vs Capture One. The rest of the day will be spent with practical uses of Photoshop.

Many times Photoshop classes are spent telling you what Photoshop can do. This class will be a little different as I will be covering practices we use every day in the studio and how to fix problems you may encounter in portrait photography.

Some of the things we will cover are:

  • Clone tool - to use and why
  • Puppet Warp -a commonly overlooked tool.
  • Distort tool - to create interest or fix problems.
  • Create composites quickly and easily for impact to your clients, this is a great tool for Seniors with sporting equipment.
  • Create a sketch quickly and easily, a great seller in our studio.
  • Converting to Black and White and many of the plugins that Photoshop supports.
  • Topaz Remask - is a powerful tool and we will show how to use it for fast and accurate results.
  • The interpolation tool - used in Content Aware Scale.
  • Applying a texture to an image without destroying the subject and keeping the color consistent to the rest of the image.
  • The Liquify tool - use this tool on much more than just a person. It can be used on clothing, background objects and a host of other things in images that need a little tender loving care.
  • Enhance an image but not completely alter it.

Towards the end of the day I will show how I create some of my loan collection images. This can be helpful if you want to create a completely different scene or feel like a painter with a blank canvas.

If you have some things you want to know please don't hesitate to bring your work. Bring your problems, we will work them out.

We can still use Photoshop for fixing many of the things we couldn't back in the days of film. I feel photography is moving away from all the special effects that we used so successfully when Photoshop was new.

Fine art photographer Dwaine Horton is the owner of Horton Studios in Thomas, OK. His concentration at the studio is mostly portrait work but Horton’s real passion comes from the creation of realistic landscapes. Although he has traveled all over the United States to capture our nations most beautiful scenes, this photographer’s most cherished works are of Oklahoma’s rural landscapes, blending the old west with warm, rich colors and textures. Horton has a way of inviting you into his works of art with an overall feeling of majesty. 


Horton holds a Master of Photography and Craftsmen Degree and his art has been displayed at numerous National Conventions, the International Photography Hall of Fame and the Epcot Center. 

This class is $35.00 for INPPA members and PPA members.

Non-members may attend for $55.00 and this includes membership to INPPA thru 2016.


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